True craftsmanship
from Solingen for
more than 65 years!

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Accurate manual work, high quality steel, many years of work, our products are tuned up for all individual needs. Following you'll find a review about our range of products. Quality that convinces!

  • High quality Chrom-Molybdänsteel X 50 CrMoV 15
  • Forged from one part
  • Special oil and icehardend
  • Hand honed
  • Dishwasher-safe (except of NATURA line, OLIVA line and JUGLANS line)
  • Highest stainless
  • Handy handle

Forged Knife series

  • An ablong groove at the end characterises the MASTER line by the smooth transition from blade to grasp.
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  • The COMFORT line has a smooth transition from blade to grasp made of wood and presents 3 even grooves.
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  • The NATURA line sets an interesting accent by using high-quality forged blades and ergonomic-styled handles made of wood.
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  • The OLIVA line grant a premium quality. The ergonomic shaped grip made of high-quality olive wood characterize their special character.
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  • The JUGLANS line is unique, owing to the elegance of the ergonomically shaped wooden handle made of solid walnut wood.
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Other Knife series

  • The Household Knife series Serie 4000 is made of POM-plastic shells.
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  • The Household Knife series has a POM-plastic-Grip.
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  • The Household Knife series has a very comfortable brown Pakkawood-Grip.
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  • The Butcher Knife series has a POM-plastic-Grip.
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