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Care instruction

Proper care and maintenance of your knives at regular intervals means a longer useful life and more pleasure in using your new kitchen utensil.
lt is true that our knives (except of NATURA line, OLIVA line und JUGLANS line) are dishwasher- proof, but please note that top-quality knives shouldn’t be put in a dishwasher.

However, if you put a knife in a dishwasher, the blade should not be damaged by hard objects or hit them. Knives with wooden handles aren’t dishwasher proof. Knives should preferably be cleaned manually.

Knife series: MASTER line

Our care instruction:

  • Simply clean in hot water (use small quantity of washing-up liquid).
  • Residues of fruit, vegetables and mustard as well as dressings should be removed completely as soon as possible, otherwise there will be rust spots caused by the acids in these products.
  • Never cut on hard grounds (e.g. stainless steel or glass). Use wood or plastic instead.
  • Never use the knife as a tool (e.g. screwdriver, tin opener or crowbar) as this will damage the blade.

Using knife blocks or magnetic holders will protect the blade, too. Please note that keeping the knife in a safe place will minimise the risk of injury.